Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bellevue Ghost Half Marathon

After running a half marathon on Saturday, I signed up for a second half marathon on Sunday.  I must be a crazy person (or at least run and travel with a convincing one).

At 6:30, or so, we showed up for the Bellevue Ghost Half/Marathon.  After a briefing about the course, we were given a little piece of paper with the directions for the course. 
So, where do we go?

Good-lookin' group of runners
I normally don't like posting unflattering pictures of myself, but this one cracks me up.  It pretty much covers how I felt about attempting a second half marathon in one weekend.  

The race started just after 7:00, and the other racers left me in the dust by 7:05.  That was JUST FINE by me, though.  My legs were already hurting, and I was planning to walk the majority of the 13.1 miles anyway.  I put on my headphones and looked to the sidewalk for course markers.

Truth be told, I got lost a couple of times despite the yellow and silver arrows and the directions in my pocket.  Regardless, I got a walking tour of Bellevue, and I even met a marathoner who pulled over next to me after noticing my shirt.  We chatted for a bit, and then she directed me to the street that I was supposed to be on.
A little creepy

Mt. Rainier peaking over the trees

Shopping possibilities for after the race

Nice little run

Didn't love running alongside so many cars

Hilly Bellevue
When I made it to the finish, my Garmin said I had gone 13.2 miles in 3:58:38.  I didn't care that I was slow; I had just finished TWO half marathons!  And, I finished first in my division. ;)

Pretty cool.




  2. Two 13.1 races!!! That's what you get when you travel with an Ultramarathoner.