Monday, May 2, 2016

Bloomsday 2016

I finished my seventh Bloomsday yesterday, which is quite an accomplishment since I live in Salt Lake City (over 700 miles from Spokane) and have more than a few extra LBs around my middle these days.  ;)

When Scott said he wanted to fly to Spokane for Bloomsday again this year, I hesitated as to whether I wanted to join him.  Of course I wanted to see our friends, but the idea of spending a bunch of money to run a race while 32 weeks pregnant didn't sound like my idea of a great time, especially since everyone was meeting at a brewery post-race, and I wouldn't be able to enjoy the festivities in my condition.

Thankfully my hesitation was short-lived, and we planned our trip.  We got into Spokane on Friday, enjoyed some friend-time with Diane, Buzz, Aaron, Edie-Marie, and Stacie on Saturday, and then ran the race on Sunday morning before our flight left around 5:00pm.

Diane Kelly-Riley, me, Scott over Spokane River
Edie-Marie Roper, me, Scott, Aaron Whiteman, Stacie Olsen-Wilkes, Buzz Nanavati at The Blackbird Tavern + Kitchen
The race was actually just fine.  Although my hands and feet swelled up something awful, my big, pregnant body handled the 7.46-mile walk just fine, and Stacie and I had two, full hours to catch up on our lives, enjoy the bands, and get some sun.  We stopped once to take a picture with the anti-abortionists, once to stand in line for the portapotty, and twice for Otter Pops.
Edema/Sad hands

Activist Annie #MYCHOICE
My walking buddy, Stacie with Otter Pop
Our/my finish time was 2:24:20, which figures to a 19:20/mile pace.  Granted, that was slower than my 18:00/mile training walks around Liberty Park in SLC, but we did stop a few times, and we also had Doomsday Hill to consider.  Overall, I'm pleased to have finished even if I was much slower than I've ever been (and much slower than the average 34 year-old Bloomsday runner, whose pace is 14:21/mile).

Two Bloomsday finishers

After the race, we enjoyed seeing SO MANY of our Beer Chaser and Pullman friends.  They embraced my belly and me with wide open arms, and although I really wanted a beer and hard cider,  I had a great time with everyone sans-frosty beverage.

Aaron and Edie-Marie, practically twins
Drew Polley, Emma Polley, Nicole Froelich, me, Scott, Dan Froelich, Graham VanderShelden, Stacie Olsen-Wilkes (not pictured: The Cornelius Family, Linda and Jeff Greene, Michael Riley, Doug and Sue Jacobson, Jim Ekins, Mike and Tammy Bonney, Paul Chisholm, and other wonderful Beer Chasing friends who fill my heart with love and happiness)


Monday, May 4, 2015

Bloomday 2015

Yesterday was Bloomsday, so Scott and I traveled to Pullman and then Spokane to see our friends and run the race.  This was my sixth year running, and I am proud of myself for doing as well as I did with next to no training.  I wasn't fast by any means, but I ran more than I thought I was going to, and I averaged under a 13:30 mile, which is pretty good for me on a course with elevation change.  I ran when I could and walked when I needed to.

Here are my stats for the past 6 years:
Starting line

Crossing the finish line
I don't have a big race report in me, so here are the highlights:
  1. I got a free doughnut before the race.  Bonus! 
  2. I got hit with a water balloon, right in the neck. Not bonus!
  3. The weather was lovely! 70s and sunny.
  4. I saw a few great shirts and signs.  My favorite, perhaps, was a woman's shirt that read, "Dear God: Please let there be someone behind me to read this."  Also, there was a shirt that read, "I thought I said yes to a Bloomsday RUM." And finally, there was a sign that said, There's no time for 
Image result for christopher walken <3

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ran a Mile

It has been a long time since I've been on a run.  I still exercise some - at home on the elliptical machine, at the park on my rollerblades, or around the neighborhood in my walking shoes - but one seldom sees me jogging on Pipeline Trail or joining Scott on Antelope Island.

But, I have a couple of activities coming up, and it seems that I had better run a little if I want to participate... and survive.

One, I signed up for Bloomsday again, and we're flying to Washington to see our friends and run the race this weekend.  (I am still not convinced that I want to run and hold up Scott (et al?), as I won't be finishing as early as everyone else.   After all, we could be spending more time socializing at No-Li Brewery instead of dealing with the consequences of my slowness.  Sigh.) 

And two, I'm Scott's back-up support runner for Scotland in June, and while I am barely ready to face the rain, the cold, the midges, and a hurting runner for 95 miles, I'm currently unprepared to run any section of the West Highland Way.

I have no training plan beyond losing a few pounds before the trip (it is easier to move a lighter body than a heavier one), but I am trying to be consistent about exercising, and I did go on one run last week.  On Wednesday I walked two miles and ran one, which isn't a big deal, I know, but I felt pretty good that after a long time of no running, I was able to run one whole mile at a 10:49 pace.  I know I should do more to train, but with working full time, keeping a clean house, cooking meals, buying a home, and traveling most weekends, I don't have the time or energy (or desire) to go running.

Regardless, here are a couple of pics from my "run."  I took them during my walking sections. :)


Twisted Trees

Paved road/trail with forest and stream
Relaxing at the end