Thursday, June 2, 2011

Windermere and Memorial Day

It has been a while since I've posted anything.  I'm sure that has disappointed hundreds of loyal readers, so I'm sorry.

What have I been up to?  Well, I signed up for the Windermere 5K a while back and planned to run it with a friend.  Unfortunately, after only a half-mile or so, volunteers directed us back to the starting line, and at 1.1 miles we crossed the finish line.  The race was over, and we walked (half angry/half disappointed) back to a pub to have lunch with our friends. 
I signed up for the Windermere 5K, and all I got was this stupid tech shirt.
Since then, I have been working on increasing my miles for my half-marathon in a few weeks.  My longest run since Bloomsday has been a 6.5-miler along the Spokane River.  I'm going to get at least one good long run in during the Palouse Double on June 18-19.  I know that the half will be tough, but I am not worried about it.

On Memorial Day, I went on a run near Asotin, WA in some truly beautiful country.  Unfortunately, the grey skies quickly produced rain, and then small hail, and then hail large enough to hurt me as I struggled to run/hike up the mountain.  Eventually I had to take cover.  Here are some pictures of my 2.75-mile run:

Romantic-looking meadow along the trail

Dark clouds rolling in

Running to the car

I am sure looking forward to sunny skies.  Enough of this winter running already! :)



  1. Whaaa? What a bizarre race. What happened? I know the Windermere Marathon and Half Marathon have been around for 3-4 years...was this their first 5k? Sorry that it wasn't a happier experience :(. I'm excited for your half marathon. I just signed up for the Seattle half (not Rock 'n' Roll, just the regular Seattle marathon in November) and am trying to up my training for the Bellingham Marathon with Megan Orr in September. Yay for better weather!

  2. just stumbled on your blog while looking for images of the windermere half marathon shirts from last year's race. This year the shirts were very tiny. They were child like sizes. I recieved an email from the race director stating that they were ordering replacements... I emailed back to let them know I would be interested in one that actually fit and I haven't heard back. Sorry your race experience wasn't great with them either. Funky 5k shirts...