Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Trot 2011

On November 19, I went down to Lewiston for the Seaport Striders Turkey Trot. I wasn't planning to participate in the event, but multiple Beer Chasers were headed down, so I did too.

The event started at 10 AM. By 9:55 I had decided that I was going to run it. Standing on the sidelines in 30-degree temperatures didn't sound like fun. But I had a problem: I was wearing jeans.

"Oh well. It isn't like I was planning on breaking any records today," I thought, as I emptied out my change purse, searching for enough dimes and nickels to cover the steep $1 race entry fee.

At 10:02 we pulled into the parking lot and saw the racers bound from the starting line.

"Oh well. It isn't like I was planning on breaking any records today."

I put the loose change into my pockets and jumped onto the Greenbelt trail. Before I knew it, I was passing the walkers and the slow joggers with baby strollers. And within 10 minutes, I was all by myself in no-man's-land, the wide section that separates the fast runners and the walkers. For nearly 2.5 miles, I was by myself and keeping a 12:30 pace.

With a mile to go, I saw Scott and Sadie barreling towards me; they had finished the race long before I, and they were coming back my way to check on Denim McGoofball (the Denim Bullet? Flash McDenim...) I was doing fine, despite my attire.

At about 3.5 miles, Ben (another Beer Chaser) joined us to run to the finish. I finished in just about 49 minutes flat.

Though I know it is kind of silly, I was disappointed that I couldn't register post-race and that the drawings for the turkeys and pies were already finished. I went back to Pullman with my pocket full of nickels and no turkey. :(

I don't have any pictures of me running in jeans, but I did take this one photo of the course: