Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Miles

Yesterday my training plan said that I needed to run two miles.  No biggie, right?

Well, going on a two-mile run is not a big deal, but running two miles apparently is*...  I was breathing hard after only running a half mile, and at about 1.25 miles, I was SO ready to walk.  But, I pushed myself and ran the two miles at about an 11:30 pace.  (I didn't have my Garmin, but that's what it felt like.)  It was more difficult than I'd like to admit.
I learned something yesterday: I have gotten out of running shape.  I am not smiling as I write that.

But, before I get all gloomy, I want to acknowledge the positives: 1) I was successful in running my two miles, despite my hard breathing and side ache, 2) I still have more than a month before Bloomsday, 3) the weather is getting nicer for running, and 4) I have done this before. 

I want to re-iterate #4: I have done this before.  I know that I can get back into running shape; I went from only being able to run 60 steps to running the first four miles of Bloomsday to completing a freaking marathon.  I am not starting from scratch, and I know what I am capable of.

Now I just have to do it.

*When I go "on runs," I allow myself to walk when I need to.  But yesterday I chose to "run two miles," which meant that I wasn't allowed to walk at all.



  1. I echo your sentiments (and Scott's encouragement). This winter was brutal, so now I'm dealing with the effects of a winter spent on the hamster wheel. Perhaps we could check in once a week for additional motivation? I'm trying to gear up for the Prickly Pear 12k on May 8.

    Book club tonight, but I promise to call tomorrow.

  2. Bloomsday is always a good spring race to get in shape for...keep at it!!

  3. I'm looking forward to following your running adventures!! I'm always amazed to see how quickly the body responds when getting in shape again. Take your time and enjoy that adventure as well.

  4. I sure hope you're right, Alan. Thanks for your support.