Monday, March 21, 2011

Increasing My Miles

These past few weeks have been pretty low-key for me and my running.  I have been very consistent about going outside and getting some exercise each day, but my miles have taken the form of jogging, walking, and hiking; so, while I feel good about keeping exercise a part of my daily routine, I haven't been working my lungs or my leg muscles like I used to.

But, Bloomsday is approaching again, and it gives me an excuse to start working a little harder than I have been.  I don't have a specific goal yet, but I do know that if I tried to go out there now and run 12k (even if I walked a good portion of it), I would hurt pretty bad; it has been a while since I have been on a run longer than 3-4 miles. 

So, in an attempt to increase my fitness level and decrease the pain I feel on May 1, I going to train for Bloomsday.  ... and I am officially starting that training today.  Here is my plan:

March 21-27: 14 miles
March 28-April 3: 17 miles
April 4-10: 22 miles
April 11-17: 8+ miles (I will be traveling and don't know how many miles I will realistically be able to put in)
April 18-24: 15+ miles (more travel...)
April 25-May 1: 20.46 miles