Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No Transcendence Ultra 2013

I was really excited about running the Transcendence Ultra again - the 12-hour race in Olympia, WA, where I ran and walked 38 miles last year.  I haven't been serious about signing up for many races, though I have participated out at Kamiak and the occasional beer mile.  But the 12-hour race really interested me.  Yes, I felt super sick after my performance in 2012, and no, I haven't learned much about fueling (and not swelling up) while running in heat, but I really wanted to see if I had one more lap in me this year.  So, in spite of my normal approach to running, I actually started to train a few months ago.  I started walking to Moscow to toughen up my feet, and I tried to do one long walk/run and one medium-to-long run mid-week.  I downloaded books by Mindy Kaling and David Sedaris, put on my Brooks Launch, and set out with the hope that a little bit of training would not only help me get 39.5 miles this year but also finish the race without throwing up in the car on the way home.
Beautiful Palouse view during "training"

But then Life happened and got in the way.  While accompanying Scott to Schweitzer Mountain for one of his races, I fell on a step similar to the one pictured here, and broke my ankle.

It was bad.  I fell down onto the step and cried out, as my ankle immediately started to swell.  I honestly cannot say that I have ever felt that kind of intense and prolonged physical pain.  My body broke out into a clothes-drenching sweat, and my vision went black and blurry.  I was nauseous and couldn't seem to put my words into complete sentences.  I was helpless and hurt, and people crowded around me.  Scott saw that this was no typical "Annie-fell-and-stubbed-her-toe" kind-of injury and ran for help.  He and two men from the first aid station picked me up off the stairs and carried me into the lodge's first aid center, which consisted of little more than a vinyl-covered bed.  They placed me on the bed, gave me water and a trash can in case of illness, and put a cool cloth on my neck and forehead. 

I could barely think; all I wanted in the world was something for the pain.  The pain didn't subside like they said it would, and instead of giving me morphine or Vicodin, they asked me questions for their accident forms.  Even though they were nice and somewhat helpful, I was annoyed and wanted to get off the mountain and go somewhere - anywhere - that had something to dull the pain.  Scott drove me to an immediate care clinic in Sandpoint, where I got x-rays, a half-cast, and (finally) a prescription for some pain meds.

One month and three days later, I am still on crutches and in a boot with a torn deltoid ligament and a fractured fibula.  I missed the Transcendence Ultra, which still bums me out, but I'm doing my best to think positively and not feel sorry for myself.  (And about 85% of the time, I am successful.)

I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully he'll give me some good news. I'd love to be walking and driving again soon, even though there are little joys like this that have acted as my silver lining...


  1. Oh man. That looks and sounds like it hurt SO BAD. I'm glad you're healing. And that you have Scott to take care of you! :)

  2. OUCH, your ankle looks like it had to be so painful. I can't imagine breaking my ankle... I've never broken a bone but I recently sprained my ankle for the first time in almost the same exact way. I was walking down the stairs to the porch and I wasn't paying attention and stepped on a rock at the bottom of the step and rolled my ankle it had to be hands down the most pain I've ever felt right up there with childbirth so I can only imagine what you felt... as soon as I hit the ground I started crying like a baby. My 19 yo son had to carry me into the house I was so embarrassed. Oh sorry I didn't even see that this post was as old as it is oh well. Anyways I hope you're all healed up and your ankle hasn't been giving you any problems. Take care hun.