Monday, May 6, 2013

Bloomsday 2013

Yesterday I participated in Bloomsday for the fourth consecutive year.  As always, it was a good event that I would recommend to runners, joggers, and walkers alike.

This year, I kind of felt like an old pro, so I didn't take pictures or make mental notes of things that I would write in my running blog about the experience.  Instead, I just went out there and tried my best to run when I could and walk when I felt like it.  As a result, I ran for probably half or 2/3 of the 12K, and I walked the rest.  (I definitely walked up Doomsday Hill, which took just under 6:30 alone. What a beast!)

The music by the 30 or so bands along the course was fun; the backs of people's shirts were entertaining; and the general feel of the racers was very positive.  The weather was simply wonderful at 68 degrees, and the heat was cut by sprinklers, misters, and cool treats along the course.  (I accepted a "pink-flavored" Otter Pop that was handed to me by a cute little girl from an obviously friendly church organization along the route. Yum!)

My final time was 1:46:18.  (To give you some perspective, my all-time best was 1:24:25 when I actually ran the whole thing.)  This year's average pace was 14:14, placing me 244th out of 506 31-year-old females and 20,809th place out of all 47,165 finishers.

After the race, I met up with some fellow "Beer Chasers" from my local running group, and they had all finished in about half my time.  I was happy for them (and also glad that my friends Drew and Mandy were still out walking the course).  Even though I don't train for races anymore, I was glad to know that in a race of nearly 50,000, I didn't come in last! :) 

The turnout by Beer Chasers and friends was great, and the cream ale at No-Li Brewery (and the river view on its deck) were impressive.  Today, I am a little sunburned but happy to have been a "bloomie," and when I get home from work, I am going to sit out on my own deck and drink another pint of cream ale.


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  1. Glad to read you're getting a few races in and enjoying yourself.