Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stupid Knee

My right knee has been hurting me lately, and I haven't been running for almost a week.  This will not do.  I weighed myself this morning, and I am three pounds heavier than I was last week.  I have all kinds of emotions and thoughts that I usually "get out" when I go for runs, and without running, I am stuck with them.  I don't get my endorphins.  I don't get outside.  And I don't get any of those awesome experiences that I like to write about in this blog - the sensations, the earth, the moon, the snow.

I've been icing, soaking, and massaging, and I hope that my knee is almost healed.  I want to get back out there.



  1. I hate knees. But I LOVE deep-fried Twinkies. YUMMY!

  2. Have you ever tried deep-fried knees?

  3. Keep your chin up. And come over Thursday night for some girl time! My knee has been bothering me since the marathon and I spent this morning eating cookies and crying after my 6-miler ended in pain.

    An evening of cocoa and SATC is just the thing we need!