Monday, November 16, 2009

November 6-8, 2009

New experiences this week:

Running by moonlight - 3.5 miles

The moon was full, and the golf course was quiet.  Since I was running on the asphalt path, I didn't have to worry about stumbling on rocks or slipping in the mud.  My legs felt strong.  I ran toward the light, my eyes fixed on the glowing orb.

Running along the Snake River (in my new Cascadias) - 7 miles

I got up at 5 AM, and we were at the trailhead at Pittsburg Landing about four hours later.  We ran along the Snake, high above the rapids.  The trail was fairly technical in places, and I hoped that I could keep up with my companions.  Highlights: the views, the company, and my new Cascadias.


Running in the snow - 9 miles

My long run this week was up to Paradise Point.  Before reaching the top, light snow began to fall.  A few hundred yards later, the snow started sticking on the trees to my right and left.  A bit later, I found myself smiling as I watched the flakes fall around me and melt on my legs and face.  The non-runner part of me wondered what I was doing in shorts...on a November.   But then I felt my muscles flex, looked around at a world that I wouldn't otherwise experience, and noticed the expressions on my companions' faces, and I knew what I was doing up there.  <3