Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pullman Winter Ultras and MLK Walk

I haven't been running much lately, but I have been a participant in a couple of running and walking events in my community.

First, I walked one lap in Pullman Winter Ultra Series on December 15, 2012.  The lap was a 12.5k, and I finished in 1:57:00, earning me the honor of being last place for yet another race.  During the walk, I emailed my brother in Afghanistan (smart phones are truly amazing), took pictures of the funny tracks (Yak Trax, doggy feet, Ben's Vibram FiveFingers, and lots of running shoes on fresh snow), and enjoyed some alone time in the fresh air.  I was one of 36 participants in a race that I used to direct/organize with Scott.

Second, I walked the same loop on January 12, 2013.  My plans in December were to do a 25K in January, but after spending Christmas Break with a bunch of sick friends and family members, I decided to walk my 12.5k in January and try not to die from a coughing fit. I barely succeeded and, yes, came in last with a time of 2:12:00.  The course was icy, and the air was far below freezing.  Despite my finish time, I still regard myself as a badass for even going out there.

Third, I participated in a 1-1.5 mile walk on MLK Jr. Day.  It was a pleasant event and a nice reminder of why we have the day off work.  I was overdressed and sweaty, but for once, I didn't come in last! :)  Perhaps that's the key: treat a "walk" like a race, and beat everyone else's time because they aren't even timing themselves... ;)

I have no plans for future races, and I have cut way back on running in the past few months.  I've realized that I was running primarily for someone other than myself, and no matter how hard I tried (even over these past three years), that wasn't bringing me - or the other person - satisfaction.  Now, I participate in events like these to be social and active, and I keep reminding myself to do things for me.  (Going to a movie for someone else or perhaps taking dance lessons for someone else might be okay, but adopting a lifetime sport that requires a daily commitment is simply unsustainable, I've learned.)

You'll see me on my blog from time to time, sharing pictures and experiences from events and travels, but I will be posting less frequently than I once did.  I hope that doesn't disappoint you (all 3 readers...) too much. 

Goodbye for now.



  1. Hey... you're outside walking 12k's! That's more than I can say for myself this winter.

  2. What are you up to, other than checking up on other folks' running and cheering them on?

  3. How about blogging about bowling??? I just like reading about you!