Monday, May 7, 2012

Seaport River Run

Last weekend I was talked into running the 2.9-mile course of the Seaport River Run.  Last year I ran the 10k option to train for Bloomsday, but this year I was more interested in jogging along the river, seeing my friends and fellow Palouse Falls Beer Chasers at the finish, enjoying a "free" Coors light, and riding the jet boat back to the parking lot.

The race was pretty good.  It was definitely pretty, and I ran all 2.9 miles except for the super-steep incline up to the bridge (less than a quarter of a mile into the course).  I settled into a rhythm after I got past the bridge, the folks with strollers, and dog owners (don't even get me started about one clueless lady and her chihuahua!), and I felt about as good as I expected to.

I didn't wear a Garmin but figured that I was going at about a 10-minute pace.  My "A Goal," in fact, was to run the race in under 29 minutes.  My "B Goal" was to finish in under a half-hour (my long-standing goal for a 5k), which I thought might be achievable since it was .2 miles short of a 5k.  And my "C Goal" was to finish with a sub 11-minute/mile pace.

I ran the best that I could and met my C-goal.  Because the race directors don't post the race times (and because the race wasn't chip-timed and everyone crosses the starting line at different times), I don't know my exact time; however, I think that it was around a 31:30.

Truth be told, I couldn't help but be a little disappointed; I would have liked to run the race in under 30 minutes.  But I have to be realistic with myself, I guess; I simply haven't been running as much lately, and I can't expect the same outcomes when I don't train.

The beer was good, the company was amazing, and the boat ride was fun, too.  Overall it was a good day.


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