Friday, February 17, 2012

Beer Mile #5

This weekend 8 runners/beer drinkers participated in another Beer Mile. Here are some stats: 32 beers were consumed in just over 18 minutes; 2 runners did not get sick; 100% of participants and spectators had fun.

Here's a brief photo album to commemorate the event:
Before the start
and Go!
First out of the gate
Loving Palouse Falls Brewing Company and Coors

A little friendly competition

Success! What a happy bunch!

I came in third overall (Scott and Aaron are FAST) and first in my division. I also PR'ed with a finish time of 12:42. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be as proud of that fact as I am...but some people are good at running; others excel at Math... I am good at running Beer Miles. :)