Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Motivated

Lately, I have been on a lot of good runs:
On Private Lands Bridge Trail, Moscow Mountain

By the water tower, above Pullman

Running down the hill by the water tower (I love this picture...)

On Kamiak Butte

A fishing boat on Rock Lake

Power poles above Rock Lake

Picture perfect - Rock Lake, WA
But lately, I haven't been super-stoked to leave work early to get on the trails.  That is not to say that I am done running or anything like that; instead, it means that I need to find some more energy for it and renew my motivation for running and fitness as a whole. 

I've heard that the best way to motivate oneself is to sign up for races.  And I am doing that; I am running the Pullman Winter Ultra Series and a 5K on New Year's Eve.  I'm also planning to stay involved in my running club and keep hitting the trails (and pavement) after work most days.

I think I am also going to shake up my fitness routine a bit in hopes that it will help my energy and motivation.  Today I looked into the Zumba classes offered in my community, and I figure that taking one might be just what my fitness routine needs.  At the very least, I am going to show up for the first day of class and see if I am just way too far out of my element (I am not very coordinated and have no experience dancing).  It starts November 1.

Wish me luck.



  1. Having a race to look forward to always keeps me motivated. See you at the Pullman Ultra.

  2. I went to Zumba last night, and I am not sure if it is for me. I may still go - because it is a good workout and because I still feel the desire to shake up my exercise routine, but I also plan to keep an open mind about other options.