Monday, October 26, 2009

13 Miles!

I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am when I run.   It seems that every time I go up to Moscow Mountain, I experience something different and beautiful - new views, new textures beneath my feet, and new sensations in my body.  Yesterday I ran on trails I had never run before, and I felt the soft, dark soil under me.  In places the trails were covered in pine needles and a blanket of orange, yellow, and purpley leaves. I breathed in moist, earthy air; I breathed in my first autumn on Moscow Mountain.

Another first happened to me yesterday without even knowing it: I found out how it feels to complete a 13-mile trail run. 13 miles! Can you even believe it? When I saw that number on the ol' GPS, I could barely contain myself. Sure my feet were tired, sure my hamstrings felt so tight they could've snapped at any moment, and sure my shirt was completely saturated. But when I saw that number, I felt so... well, I just felt so good. I am doing something now that I didn't think I was capable of, and I am continually inspired to do more and get better.

(Anyone remember Bridge to Terabithia?)


All of a sudden my goal for my first half marathon seems too distant.  I may have to start looking for races soon.  Really soon.



  1. Which part? The part about you and I keeping Brooks in business, or the part about getting to eat yummy food?

  2. How'd you get that photo from space? Can you run faster than gravity can pull you?